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Our story began with collaboration…

Unified Sounds was founded in 2012, by Stephen and fellow technically minded composer, and Berklee alum, Danny McIntyre. Working with a five-man team, the company draws from a vast wealth of experiences and specialties to offer services ranging from composition and orchestration, to sound design, editing and music supervision. Under Stephen and Danny’s leadership, the company has scored for many networks and projects. Most notably, they have worked extensively with CBS Sports, including music for their broadcast of the Super Bowl, as well as the PGA Masters, and March Madness. Unified’s music can be found strengthening commercials and stories across all areas of entertainment.

Along with network television, Stephen and the Unified Sounds team has handled all music and audio post-production for a variety of feature length documentaries such as Apocalypse Later distributed by Gravitas Ventures, as well as the award winning web series, God Rewards the Fearless. Most recently the team finished the music for the upcoming PlayStation VR game, Farpoint. The game, which incorporates groundbreaking AIM controller technology and utilizes the music to excite players and further immerse them into the terrifying alien planet setting.

Each member of our talented crew brings a unique strength to the team, allowing us to successfully navigate the dramatic settings of any project.