• sb_50

    Super Bowl 50

    “Sugar Nutz” was featured in Super Bowl 50. Music by Stephen Cox, Published by RRHOT.

  • mediacom

    Mediacom Xtream TV Spot

    “Teen Daughter” Music by Dave Kropf. Published by ScoreAScore.

  • feat_farpoint


    For the past year Stephen Cox and the Unified Sounds crew have been working hard on the music for much anticipated PSVR game, Farpoint. With the popularity of Sony’s VR on the rise, we are very excited to be a part of this incredibly immersive game. Farpoint, developed by Impulse Gear, is set to be released May 16th along with Sony’s VR Aim controller.

  • Depth-SHARKS

    Depth – Shipwrecked

    One of several trailers we did for the game, Depth. Available now on STEAM. Music By Stephen Cox and Danny McIntyre.

  • Art31

    Art31 Installation with Michael Covello

    Watch a time lapsed video of the new Site Specific Installation by Michael Covello and Unified Sounds unveiled March 6, 2015 at the Maitland Art Center. Experience Covello’s Hound in the Moor through his intricate visual work along with a dissonant soundscape by Unified Sounds.


CBS PGA Tour Opener

PGA Golf 2014 Opener on CBS
Music by Stephen Cox
Published by RRHOT

Our story began with collaboration…

Unified Sounds was founded in 2012, by Stephen and fellow technically minded composer, and Berklee alum, Danny McIntyre. Working with a five-man team, the company draws from a vast wealth of experiences and specialties to offer services ranging from composition and orchestration, to sound design and editing. Under Stephen and Danny’s leadership, the company has scored for many networks and projects. Most notably, they have worked extensively with CBS Sports, including music for their broadcast of the Super Bowl, as well as the PGA Masters, and March Madness. Unified’s music can be found strengthening commercials and stories across all areas of entertainment.

Along with network television, Stephen and the Unified Sounds team has handled all music and audio post-production for a variety of feature length documentaries such as Apocalypse Later distributed by Gravitas Ventures, as well as the award winning web series, God Rewards the Fearless. Most recently the team finished the music for the upcoming PlayStation VR game, Farpoint. The game, which incorporates groundbreaking AIM controller technology and utilizes the music to excite players and further immerse them into the terrifying alien planet setting.

Each member of our talented crew brings a unique strength to the team, allowing us to successfully navigate the dramatic settings of any project.


Stephen Cox
Composer & CEO

Stephen Cox is an established composer who has invigorated many hit projects across film, television and video games. Most recently, Stephen finished scoring his most impressive project to date, as lead composer on upcoming PlayStation VR game, Farpoint. The game, which incorporates groundbreaking aim controller technology, utilizes the score to excite players and further immerse them into the terrifying alien planet setting.

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Stephen has actively worked as a multi-talented composer, sound designer, and sound editor on films, TV, and Video Games, since the age of 20. With diverse influences, ranging from film composing legends John Williams & Danny Elfman, to electronic musicians Aphex Twin, Chemical Brothers, and BT, Stephen draws on a large musical palette and is able to enliven projects in a multitude of genres.

Stephen Cox is a member of the M.P.S.E (Motion Picture Sound Editor’s guild), and an active publisher under ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

More info on Stephen Cox: http://www.stephen-cox.com/

Danny McIntyre
Composer & Chief Creative Officer

Danny is an active musician of all styles, with a current emphasis in music for media. His music can be heard on CBS, CBS Sports Network, TNT, truTV and other national, cable and local networks. As a composer, his music is often heard as show openers, feature stories and during highlight reels especially. As an instrumentalist he has played keyboards and guitars on numerous studio projects, commercials and scores. 

During the mid-90’s, he played in many rock and jazz groups performing all over Manhattan and the eastern seaboard. Compositionally, his influences and studies have ranged from jazz, classical and pop to various Asian styles specifically China, Taiwan and Japan. His doctoral dissertation titled The Tao of God combines Western and Asian musical and spiritual influences in a single piece for orchestra, organ and choir, as well as a detailed analysis of the work. The integration between spirituality and music is at the forefront of his artistic and philosophical life. As Chief Creative Officer of Unified Sounds, he is consistently scoring new projects and working with other composers to lead a production team of the highest quality.


More info on Danny McIntyre: https://www.dannymcintyre.com/

Dave Kropf - Composer/Producer


With over 115 works to his credit, Dave’s compositional emphasis is on commercial and film music. His expertise ranges from orchestral to electronic music production with works being featured on the NFL of CBS, College Football on CBS, The Masters Tournament, The PGA, The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as well as projects with Sony, Mediacom, Timid Monster, and other local Central Florida businesses.

Since 2012, Dave has served as a Course Director of music composition at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. There he develops and teaches curriculum that prepares students for engaging careers in an ever-changing entertainment industry. 

Dave holds a Masters of Music in Jazz & Studio Music from the University of Memphis.

More info on Dave: DaveKropf.com 

Stephen Wheeler - Composer/Producer


Steve Wheeler is a composer, performer, and producer. His writing, performing, and productions cover a wide spectrum of styles including rock, jazz, hip-hop, concert band, orchestra, metal, techno, musical theater and more. Whether it’s for film, radio, television, or any other media, whatever the music calls for, Steve can deliver. 

As a composer, Steve was awarded the ASCAP Foundation Henry Mancini Music Fellowship in both 2009 and 2010. This allowed him the opportunity to study at the University of Miami in their Master of Music program for Media Writing and Production while teaching in and maintaining the Media Writing and Electronic Music studios. It was here that he also studied with and worked on projects with seasoned pros such as Raul Murciano, Dave Grusin, and Phil Ramone.

More info on Steve: StephenWheelerMusic.net

Michael Schiciano - Composer/Producer


Michael ‘Skitch’ Schiciano is a composer/arranger and voice talent who has been active in producing music for video games, films, and media since 2008. His work has been featured on gaming platforms such as the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and iOS/Android devices, including the award-winning strategy game “Battle Of The Bulge” by Shenandoah Studios for iPad and iPhone.  

Chief among his strengths as as composer is his versatility; from lush, driving orchestral themes, to sentimental period music, to catchy tunes inspired by the video games of the 1980s, he has delivered top quality productions across the board. Other styles of music Michael has written in include Jazz, Ambient, Electronic, and Rock. In addition to his musical talents, Michael has provided voice work for a number of video projects, principally in the form of instructional narration.

More info on Skitch: http://bio.skitchmusic.com/